“Flexible Employee Benefits” HR Seminar 03-2013 jointly organized by Generali Vietnam Life (GVL) and Vietnam Human Resources (VNHR) for HR practitioners and clients.

  • HR Seminar 03-2013 is the 2nd themed seminar organized by Generali Vietnam Life
  • Update on key HR-related topics as well as offer an open forum for HR practitioners to discuss hot issues and solutions.

Ho Chi Minh City – Further to the first HR Seminar “Maximizing your staff retention program with Generali Vietnam Life” on October, 11th, 2012,, Generali Vietnam Life, in cooperation with Vietnam Human Resources (VNHR), jointly organized the HR Seminar 03-2013 with the theme “Flexible Employee Benefits”. Generali Vietnam Life’s goal is to keep HR practitioners updated on key HR-related topics as well as create an open forum for their discussion on hot issues proposing appropriate solutions.

Founded in 2001, Vietnam Human Resources (VNHR) is a non-profit HR professional organization under Vietnam Association of Corporate Directors (VACD). VNHR is the only official HR professional association in Vietnam with more than 800 members who are working as HR professionals from nearly 500 companies in various industries in Vietnam. VNHR aims to promote high standards of professionalism in HR management, provide best practices and a national network of professionals in people management.

The seminar is focused on the sharing of “Flexible Employee Benefits – Survey results from Society HRM (SMRM) USA – 2009” by Ms. Le Kim Anh, Vice President of Vietnam Human Resources (VNHR). The sharing aims to provide useful information about the application of flexible employee benefits in a well-developed country, which will serve as the base for the following group discussion to consider possible application of flexible employee benefits  in the Vietnamese setting.

In Vietnam, as the labor market is transitioning into a productivity-driven phase, an important supporting pillar required for this development, is a dedicated talent development and retention strategy. This applies to both multinational and local corporations who are competing for the most qualified and stable workforce to stay ahead of competition. As a result, employee benefits solution is fast becoming an integral part of the competitive strategy of companies, a critical topic for both the Heads of HR and CEOs. As far as employee benefits is concerned, employee benefits insurance is certainly an effective tool to the employee compensation and benefit framework of a company as it combines the benefit of cost optimization and risk management.  In fact, apart from basic salary, employees’ top of mind consideration is protection for themselves and their dependants. A human resource strategy that integrates the optimal use of employee benefits solution will support a company in attracting, developing and retaining their qualified staff.

Mr. Simon Lam, General Director of Generali Vietnam Life, said in the seminar: “Starting Group Business in Oct., 2011, we have created a new service experience for our customers in a market where group employee benefit insurance has long been understood mainly as medical insurance and heavily price-driven. We are pleased to be able to bring to the Vietnamese clients better choices and will continue to expand our innovative product suite, high quality service offerings to employers, employees and their dependants, as well as enhance our nationwide medical direct billing network.

Being the latest venture of Generali Group in Asia, Generali Vietnam Life launched its Group Business in October, 2011 on the basis of a comprehensive product suite and quality customer service offerings tailor-made for the needs of enterprises in Vietnam for their employees. So far, the company has been entrusted by renowned multinational and domestic clients to look after their employee benefits needs for more than 7,700 staff members and their dependants.

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