Generali is the leading Italian insurance group with a proud heritage. Established in 1831 in Trieste, Italy, Generali has become one of the largest global insurance providers with presence in 50 countries and total 2019 premium income of €70 billion. With nearly 72,000 employees serving 61 million customers, the Group has a leading position in Europe and has increasingly strengthened its presence in America and Asia.

In Asia, The Group operates in 8 markets: China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam


1st Period:

  • 1831 – Debuts in Trieste: December 26th sees Assicurazioni Generali Austro-Italiche founded in Trieste
  • 1833 – Rapid expansion: The first decade sees Generali open offices in every state of Italy; in all the major hubs of the empire, from Vienna to Pest; and in all of Europe’s busiest ports.

2nd Period:

  • 1856 – At the height of the empire: In the space of ten years average profits rise by 50% and Generali takes the top spot in the Austro-Hungarian insurance market. Its share capital doubles in value.
  • 1860 – The first lion: An official company mandate published May 19th 1860 by the Generali’s Parma office remains today the oldest document in the company archives to feature the winged lion as the official logo.
  • 1870 Italy united, Generali is number one insurance company in Rome.

3rd Period:

  • 1880 – Time to expand: New opportunities are identified as part of the company’s strategy for expansion across the Mediterranean, the ports of the Americas and the far east.
  • 1910 – The real estate strategy: With powerful financial backing, the company is incentivised to invest in bricks and mortar. Between 1900 and 1910 buildings sprout up in Rome’s Piazza Venezia, Piazza Solferino in Turin and beyond.

4th Period:

  • 1924 – A new, international Generali: Eight head offices abroad; more than 60 branches and agencies in 30 countries; 16 partner companies and subsidiaries. Generali is now present on four continents.
  • 1935 – Generali from east to west: Expansion continues: 29 subsidiaries in Europe alone, four in the Americas, two in Africa and one in Asia. New investments in real estate, with assets totalling 700 million Lire.

5th Period:

  • 1951 – First at hand in emergencies: The flooding of the River Po delta was one of the most devastating natural disasters in Italian history. Generali helps those affected with significant financial aid as well as donations from workers, while the company’s agricultural estate, Ca’ Corniari, houses 100 displaced children.
  • 1961 – A decade of expansion: Premium income grows at a rate of 15% a year in Europe, while the new markets of Japan, Australia and Latin America are also firing on all cylinders.
  • 1962 – Great projects, big risks: One of the first major projects covered by Generali is the construction of Italy’s first ever satellite launch pad – part of the 1962 San Marco Project. Generali becomes one of the first insurers in space.

6th Period:

  • 1981 – A century and a half – of future: When holding its 150th anniversary, Generali is at the apex of the global insurance market, controls 35 insurance providers as well as a further 67 of Europe’s top companies.
  • 1994 – Insurance by phone: Genertel is founded – the first company in Italy to specialise in the sale of insurance policies over the phone and later, online; and quickly becomes the national forerunner in this area.
  • 2006 – A solid core:  By the end of 2006 Generali is present in ten countries in central and eastern Europe. A year later the company will enter into a joint venture with PPF Group, and in doing so becomes one of the major players in the region.
    Generali is an official partner of the Italian national football team as they win the World Cup in Germany.
  • 2013 – Close to the people: Maintaining the company’s historic tradition of social responsibility, Generali strikes up a partnership with Revert, an Italian non-profit organisation performing clinical experiments in cell therapy for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
  • 2014-15 Clear objectives: Strategic acquisitions in central and eastern Europe continue to strengthen the Group’s position in this all-important growing market.