Dividend 2010 payable as from 26 May 2011
On March 16, 2011 the Board of Directors resolved to distribute a cash dividend per share of € 0.45. The Shareholders’ Meeting, held on April 30, 2011, approved the resolution.
Generali shares have been traded ex-dividend as from May 23, 2011 (ex-date).
The dividend has been paid, net of the relevant withholding tax, as from May 26, 2011.
Dividend policy
The dividend per share proposed for 2010 is a full-cash dividend of € 0.45, with an increase of 28.6% compared with 2009 dividend.  The total dividend on outstanding shares amounts to € 698.8 million with a cash pay-out ratio of 41.1%, in line with the Group’s historical levels.
Dividends distributed over the last years: dividend per share (Euro)
Payout Ratio
Payout ratio = total distribuited dividend / net Group result of the period
Detailed tables
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