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Safeguard Your Human Capital with Group Insurance of Generali Vietnam
Generali Vietnam offers GVL Group Insurance, a wide range of valuable products for employer-employee, which includes a feature-rich Group Yearly Renewal Term product to cover employer-sponsored group insurance schemes, along with more specialized covers such as Group Yearly Renewal Accidental Death and Disabilities, Group Yearly Renewal Medical, Group Hospital Cash and Group Income Compensation.

In today’s fast-paced environment, working professionals need to have peace of mind to reach their optimal performance. So, whether employees are close to home or far away, we can provide the opportunity for their employers to ensure that both they and their dependants will be looked after.

Generali Vietnam Life’s Group Insurance empowers the Employers:

  • A comprehensive benefit package that can be customized to provide for covers against death, disabilities or diseases to the members.
  • Provide a crucial support to attract and retain the most important asset, i.e. staff members.
  • An affordable way to get maximum coverage of life insurance
  • Riders at a nominal cost.
  • Simple to install and administer.

Generali Vietnam Life’s Group Insurance empowers the Employees:

  • Enjoy a worldwide coverage 24/7.
  • Support family members financially in case of death or disability or illness of a member irrespective of being due to accident or other than accident.
  • No medical examination required up to Guaranteed Issue Limit.