Charter of Sustainability Commitments

In 2015 we reviewed the Charter of sustainability commitments, which identifies the areas of action of Generali’s sustainability strategy.

The Charter, which was approved by the Board of Directors of Assicurazioni Generali in April, identifies the following priority areas of action:

  • Support the clients to look to the future with greater equanimity and promote resilience of the communities;
  • Care for socio-demographic change, improving the quality of life of senior people;
  • Build an inspiring working environment putting people enhancement first;
  • Contribute to limit climate change and address its effects;
  • Foster ethics in investments and backing responsible business models;
  • Promote transparency and widespread sense of responsibility.

The progress achieved will be monitored annually and communicated to our stakeholders. The objectives will also be updated, to take account of the results achieved and the new needs that emerge.